ETOKEN symbol EEE                                                                                    Make it roar like a rocket!  


The token that aims to pay You back

How to buy ETOKEN

Open or download the MetaMask Wallet that is the one with the little fox on it. MetaMask is available at the google APPS store or directly from MetaMask at

Write down the 12 word paraphrase and save it forever.

Click on the Ethereum Mainnet to open the list of networks

Click add network add the following into the fields and click save

  1. Network name: Smart Chain 
  2. New RPC URL:
  3. Chain ID: 56
  4. Currency Symbol: BNB
  5. Block Explorer URL:


Now you can either transfer from another wallet or buy BNB directly by clicking buy and using a credit card or other payment system.

Next; click on the buy ETOKEN link on the ETOKEN home page.

A buy ETOKEN site will open that looks like a calculator.

The site will open MetaMask where you can enter your password. All sales are automated so delivery is instantaneous.

Enter the amount in BNB that you wish to purchase in the calculator the amount of ETOKEN you are purchasing is calculated ad displayed. Push buy now and the wallet will ask you to confirm hit confirm and the tokens are in your wallet right away. Click on the buy ETOKEN calculator where it says add ETOKEN to wallet and this will add the contract address for ETOKEN so it can be seen in your wallet.

That’s it and congratulations you have a valuable tool with MetaMask and a great choice for a first token purchase with ETOKEN symbol EEE.

24/7 trading in over 200 countries

EToken's goal is to be available globally and on all major exchanges. Initially, the token will be listed on global exchanges with billions of dollars in volume.

Reward token holder

EToken is intended to reward token holders without the need to create an additional supply of tokens. Therefore, the total number of tokens is fixed and limited. This reward is set at 1% for token holders and 1% for liquidity providers. These payments are made by holders of wallets such as MetaMask and exchanges such as Pancake Swap where anyone can provide liquidity. Each transaction pays both the owner and the liquidity pool provider instantly. ETOKEN is currently in small quantities on the Pancake exchange.

Reduce transaction costs

EEE uses the Binance smart chain to reduce transaction costs. ETOKEN currently has a transaction cost of around 0.08 cents.


EEE uses the Binance smart chain. This means that the token will be registered on the largest crypto smart chain and will always be maintained. In this case, the token is an application that uses the blockchain to provide token rewards to stakeholders in addition to increasing the price of the token.

new to the market

Scheduled to go public in 2022, it is available in about 200 countries and is fully liquid. Full liquidity means available to the buyer or seller 24 hours a day through a full-time market maker residing at the broker.


To create a new crypto token that pays you to hold it. ETOKEN expects an exponential price increase, priced close to a millionth of a cent. So it starts at the bottom and has virtually nowhere to go but up.

our promise

Symbol EEE

fast, reliable

ETOKEN uses fast and secure blockchain


Make ETOKEN available worldwide on all crypto exchanges

The goal of the token is to become universally accepted on all exchanges

our team

Using cutting-edge technology, tokens have been developed to reward token holders.


EEE's goal is to reward token holders. In fact, every aspect of the token is specifically designed to benefit investors.

We plan to reward both liquidity pool providers and token holders



Powered by Binance Smart Chain, always maintained by the largest blockchain


Designed to last with sufficient token supply for the future. ETOKEN is designed to survive with sufficient liquidity reserves to provide safe and efficient trading into the future.

Total Supply 10,000,000,000,000




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